Build a culture of recognition. Shout outs empower managers and employees to celebrate outstanding contributions across the organization or within a team.

Activity streams

See what’s happening within the organization with team and company activity streams. An intelligent stream of key updates gives the feel of a collaborative office space, even for employees who are geographically dispersed.

Employee profiles

Get to know your colleagues, even when you’re miles apart. Rich, customizable employee profiles put contact information and bios at your fingertips. Staff can share skills and fun facts about themselves, leading to stronger working relationships. The at-a-glance progress bar helps your people know that their profile information is complete.


Listen to what’s happening within your organization, understand sentiment, gather feedback, and share ideas in real-time. Every page and every file in ThoughtFarmer supports comments so conversations can emerge anywhere. Plus, employees can comment on-the-go from their mobile devices.


Notifications and @mentions help users prioritize and keep on top of content. Employees can follow pages to receive updates on changes via email, desktop, and in-browser notifications.


Don’t leave people wondering if anyone even reads their content. The Like button is an instant way for employees to give positive feedback and for authors to feel good about their work.


See what’s happening within the organization and centralize collaboration. Microblogging allows you to share timely information, organize conversations by team, and easily find past discussions.


Notify people of important conversations without clogging up their inbox. Need to circulate something to an entire team or department? @Mention the group to keep the conversation on your intranet and out of email.