Document library

Easily manage large collections of documents. Organize files into folders for simple hierarchical pages. Drag-and-drop to upload and download batches of documents as ZIP archives.

Document editing

Save time and fuss when you need to edit a document. Open files—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote—straight from the intranet into your desktop application. Files automatically lock so other users can see that you’re editing the file. When you save, the latest version is posted back to the intranet.

Visual preview

Skim through files to find the one you need to download by using the in-browser preview. Preview works with Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Version history

As files get updated, ThoughtFarmer saves all previous versions of the document for easy reference. If changes are made throughout the editing process and need to be corrected, files can easily be reverted to a previous edition.

Export content and files

Instantly create a PDF or Word document from any page or conversation in ThoughtFarmer. The document is ready to share or print immediately.

Document search

Forget the title of a document? Looking for a section within a document? ThoughtFarmer indexes all text within standard documents, so you can find the right file quickly.