Content publishing

Turn users into authors. ThoughtFarmer offers a refreshingly easy-to-use authoring experience. Reduce the bottleneck of requests to your communications department and increase the timeliness of information. One-click page creation opens a simplified editing interface where users can write text, add images, change page templates, and publish content in a snap.

Image asset management

Add flavor to your intranet with vibrant images. “Recommended Galleries” make it easy for users to create and publish attention-grabbing content.

Customizable page headers

Make your intranet look like your organization with bold, expressive header images.

Drag-and-drop templates

Design your own layouts and templates. No help from IT required.


Cards are the building blocks of every template. Give employees the power to design their own layouts or easily add features such as polls, newsfeeds, photo galleries, and more.

Dev tools

Your developers will love how quick and easy it is to customize your intranet with custom cards and improved developer tools.

Information architecture

Help employees navigate easily with terminology they understand. ThoughtFarmer’s customizable navigation lets you organize content to reflect your unique organization, increasing intranet adoption, findability, and satisfaction.

Version history

Never lose your changes. Infinite version history for all pages allows you to track every edit made. See changes visually by comparing versions. Someone accidentally deleted an entire paragraph? Reverse it with a single click.

Import from Word

ThoughtFarmer has a Word conversion feature to import tables, lists, and images perfectly. And export them too.


Keep your intranet fresh by archiving stale content. Users can easily archive individual pages, documents, and sections. Admins have access to stale content reports for quick bulk archiving. Content can also be pre-set to archive at a future date.