Give employees the information they need to service clients.

Open the channels of communication across branches and call centers. ThoughtFarmer is a living space for policies, employee information, internal communications, and key documents.

A hub for corporate social responsibility.

From raising funds to organizing volunteers, ThoughtFarmer provides the tools to strengthen community involvement and build a culture of caring.

Merging? ThoughtFarmer makes it easier.

ThoughtFarmer’s flexible communication tools ease the cultural integration after a merger. Struggling with two employee directories? Our Directory Connector combines them and provides single sign-on — even over the cloud.


Access all your systems from one place.

Overloaded with misplaced links and logins? ThoughtFarmer consolidates access to all your tools and systems. Create quick links, favorite lists and easy-to-find reference pages.

What our Financial Services Clients Have to Say

Bank/Credit Union

The intranet is a core part of the work that we do. It houses all of our procedures, our documents, our forms, and the tools that our staff need to do their job. 93% of our staff use the intranet once a day, at least, and 73% use it hourly."

Duane Nichol
Marketing Manager

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Bank/Credit Union

Within a few months of launch, the Farm Bureau Bank's intranet had surpassed expectations. “It was amazing to see. Management began to realize that this was a major system in the bank.”

Richard Hamlin

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Bank/Credit Union

The System Status portlet keeps everyone aware of the current status of our services, reducing the amount of email communication sent to our employees."

Miguel Tena
Team Lead, Systems

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