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One site. No silos.

Are redundant pages, lost links, and sprawling software tools turning your business into a busy-mess? Bring all of your company’s content into a single, central, organized place.

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Let us show you how easy it is to unify people, tools, and content across your digital workplace with a no-pressure demo.
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Organizations just like yours are 
publishing and finding information faster on their intranets

Publish content and keep it organized. No technical obstacles, no awkward UI, no mess.

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If you know how to use Word, you already know how create and publish great content on ThoughtFarmer

Intuitive content creation and management tools make it easy to keep your ThoughtFarmer intranet organized and fresh.

  • Our built-in text editor offers font, styles, bullets, numbering, indentation, highlighting, tables, and more.
  • Accompany text with stunning images.
  • Upload or drag-and-drop, or take advantage of the selections recommended by the image editor.
  • Upload or link to a video, and provide readers with dynamic visual content.
  • Tweak and preview backgrounds and thumbnails to optimize your display.
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Navigate and organize just like you would with favourite websites.

ThoughtFarmer’s navigation is inherently familiar, and content is easy to organize because it works just like any website. You can organize (and reorganize) everything, easily. Create a site hierarchy and organization that’s as deep or as wide as necessary. Reorganize the hierarchy, move pages and files, create and consolidate sections.

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Easily archive and delete outdated content

Don’t let stale content clutter your intranet! Easily archive outdated information–or pre-set archive dates ahead of time–so your intranet contains only the latest and most trusted information for your users.

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