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Webinar recap

Extreme makeover: Internal comms edition

Practical, actionable strategies that will breathe new life into your internal comms.
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What we learned

From design principles to kittens – yes, kittens – the session was jam-packed with tactics that will help level up your internal comms efforts. Check out the recording or download the deck for the full list of insights.
Art ≠ Design

Art expresses ideas freely, but design prioritizes clear communication and usability. Bad design distracts and confuses, undermining the message.

Substance first, style second

Engagement hinges on content value, not just visual appeal. Ensure your content is informative and meets audience needs, with style used to enhance clarity.

Readability and legibility: content’s dynamic duo

To capture and hold attention, content must be legible and readable. Leverage style guides to ensure your message is consistent, accessible, and engaging.

Tables explain, spreadsheets calculate

The job of a spreadsheet is to deal with data analysis. The job of a table is to organize data for quick understanding, and direct attention to key information.


As mentioned in the webinar, we have a wide variety of resources designed to help pick, plan, and perfect a new intranet. If you’re looking for a specific resource that you don’t see listed, just reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!


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