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Keep people safe and informed with powerful messaging and compliance features.

Are you wasting time sending the same message out on dozens of different platforms, with only the hope that everyone reads it?

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Communicate with confidence, knowing that everyone 
across your organization is getting the right message 
at the right time.

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Relevant news feeds with a mix of local and global content.
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Track whether employees have read key policies and documents.
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Push messages via a range of channels, including email, mobile, and web.
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Push messages out to staff on the frontline, in their remote office, or on the shop floor.

Hundreds of organization like yours have unified their communication channels thanks to their intranet

Tailor messages to each team and
each employee

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Whether you’re sharing quarterly results to all staff, announing the launch of a new initiative to the marketing department, or planning a new sprint or your product team, ThoughtFarmer makes sure that everyone who needs to see your content gets your content, at all levels of your organization.

  • Publish the latest news and blogs prominently on the home page and group pages
  • Curate and pin critical updates at the top so no one will miss it
  • Ensure employees see unique content based on their roles
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Cut through the noise and 

broadcast to the entire organization

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When it comes to critical messaging, there is no such thing as over communicating

But how do you ensure you reach every single employee, and on their preferred communication channel? Our Broadcast feature solves this by pushing out important messages to employees wherever they are, no matter what device they’re using.

  • Push critical broadcast messages via multiple channels to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Monitor consumption by channel, and resend important messages where needed.
  • Keep everyone safe in event of severe weather, health hazards, political unrests, and other unexpected events.
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Simplify compliance tracking with required reading

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ThoughtFarmer makes it easy for administrators and editors to assign specific content as Required Reading to distinct audiences.

  • Publish policies and regulations that every employee must read as part of their job requirements, workplace safety, and industry compliance (ex: ISO, SOC2)
  • Ensure trade workers are up-to-date with training and recertifications.
  • Streamline new employee onboarding, crossboarding, and offboarding with must-do checklists.
  • Accurately track who has read what, and when. Remind those who are out of compliance.
  • Generate reports for auditors with ease and confidence.
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