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How ThoughtFarmer has improved the delivery of projects at this engineering firm.


Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in water infrastructure solutions in British Columbia.

KWL approached ThoughtFarmer because their old intranet had become dated. It wasn’t well-used and was full of stale information.

With ThoughtFarmer the firm has been able to move to a new model of publishing and consuming information. All KWL employees, from the bottom to the top, can contribute content and comment on project documents.

“Everyone finds it easy to use,” says Engineer and Intranet Manager Jonathan Funk. “It has become a resource for project teams where ideas are available for everyone to collaborate on and discuss. It’s also much easier for the firm to keep policies and documents up-to-date.”

ThoughtFarmer has significantly improved the delivery of projects we do at Kerr Wood Leidal.”

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