Are wikis social software? They can be

bunch-of-paper-men_250.jpgAre wikis social software? Take a look at a typical Wikipedia page. There’s nothing social about it. It’s collaborative, sure. But it’s not social.

As we’ve written before, we believe that content is so much more meaningful when it’s put in a social context. That’s why every wiki page in ThoughtFarmer clearly indicates:

  • Who created it
  • Who edited it
  • Who commented on it

Clicking on any of these names shows you:

  • A rich profile of who the person is [screenshot]
  • What else they’ve been creating [screenshot]
  • A link to follow them via RSS

In the upcoming years, I think we’ll see more and more wikis make small changes to become more social. In the meantime, I’m glad ThoughtFarmer has a head start.

Hat tip to Jevon MacDonald, who got me thinking about this in his post “Wikis are not Social Software“.

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