Webinar Recording – Social Intranets and Managing Remote Teams

With a rapidly growing percent of employees working from home, on the road or from satellite offices, the need to collaborate effectively across geographic barriers has grown tremendously. While social intranets can help distributed teams work together better, a team’s online collaboration will fall short without good offline people management practices.

We created this webinar on Social Intranets & Managing Remote Teams to provide useful analog people practices for leading in the digital age. If you missed the webinar, here’s the full recording, free as a smile.

Photo of Dr. Kent GlenzerIn this webinar Dr. Kent Glenzer, Professor in Organizational Behavior and Development at the Monterey Institute for International Studies (MIIS), joined us to provide practical and honest rules of thumb for managing globally dispersed teams. We followed up Kent’s presentation with a look at real-world examples of how teams can use social intranet features to collaborate effectively.

You can connect with Kent on LinkedIn.

Photo of Nancy WhiteNancy White, a consultant to businesses and international nonprofits and co-author of the book “Digital Habits: Stewarding Technology for Communities,” joined the webinar as our guest host and provided a critical perspective based on her extensive experience as a facilitator for both online and in-person groups around the world.

You can connect with Nancy on Twitter.

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