Webinar – Overcoming the Fear: What C-Level Execs Are Afraid Of When It Comes To Social Intranets

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This Wednesday, November 16th, at 10:00am Pacific, join ThoughtFarmer and Deane Barker, Content Management Practice Director at Blend Interactive, for an insightful webinar: Overcoming the Fear: What C-Level Execs are Afraid of When it Comes to Social Intranets.

Deane’s presentation is a live repeat of his session (one of the most highly rated) from the 2011 Social Intranet Summit.

Extract of the presentation

Let’s face it, the biggest hurdle to overcome with a social intranet is often pure fear. The C-level can be hopelessly gunshy about employees displaying the slightest about of intranet-sanctioned social humanity. The idea of a social network behind the firewall wakes them up in a cold sweat at night. Where did this fear come from? And can it be overcome?

Hear about Deane’s presentation topic in his own words:

For a little more info about the webinar see the slideshow from Deane’s presentation at the Social Intranet Summit:

“Overcoming the Fear: What C-Level Execs are Afraid of When it Comes to Social Intranets” – Social Intranet Summit 2011

The Social Intranet Summit Webinar series is every third Wednesday of each month at 10:00am Pacific.

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