Can your intranet do that? True multilingual functionality [video]

ThoughtFarmer has had excellent multilingual functionality for a long time – so long, in fact, that we sometimes forget how outstanding it is. So we’ve put together this little video to briefly demonstrate how ThoughtFarmer makes it easy to create a truly multilingual intranet that works well for your employees.

Multilingual communication is often the red-headed step child of international organizations (no offense gingers – we love all hair colors – we’re just using a common saying).

Maybe you’ve got an office in Italy and you translate a few HR policies to Italian, but that’s it. Your compadres (is that Spanish?) in the Italian office feel left out, struggle to stay connected to the rest of the organization, and the Milan office often seems like a separate company.

The hard truth is that creating a multilingual intranet with consistent translation can be a bear.

But with ThoughtFarmer’s seamless multilingual functionality you can avoid the typical translation consternation. Our entire interface comes in eight different languages and we’re adding more all the time. With the most robust multilingual functionality available you’ll love using your ThoughtFarmer intranet.

ThoughtFarmer multilingual features include:

    • Interface in 8 different languages
    • Easy administrator features to enable specific languages
    • Users can set their default site language
    • Create multiple versions of a page in different languages & each user will see whichever one matches her default language
    • Easily switch between multilingual page versions
    • Auto-translation for quick machine translations of  any page’s content, including comments
    • “Request professional translation” form built into every page

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