Demo video: Expertise locator fully integrated in a social intranet

A searchable people directory is the most common “killer app” on an intranet and this feature kicks butt in ThoughtFarmer, social intranet software. The people directory includes faceted search that lets you narrow down results and the search engine indexes expertise tags on the built-in rich user profiles. Expertise location is easy and fully integrated with the rest of the social intranet. Watch the video to see these features in action.

Key features of expertise locator

  • Fully integrated with: Intranet search, employee profiles, activity streams, tagging, group page membership
  • Add custom expertise fields for all employee profiles
  • Expertise tags indexed by search engine
  • Click expertise tag on a profile to see others with the same tag
  • Combine expertise tags with other search facets to narrow results

Built-in people search facets

The people directory automatically applies search facets based on employees’ membership in different group pages. If someone is a member of the Pittsburgh office page, she can be found using that location filter.

  • Last name
  • Location
  • Department
  • Team, Project & other group types

Default expertise fields

  • Languages spoken
  • Technical skills
  • Certifications

5 ideas for custom fields to add

ThoughtFarmer allows administrators to easily add custom expertise fields. Here are five suggestions that can help companies bend the expertise locator to their specific needs:

  • Past projects
  • Clients worked with
  • Software skills
  • Cities lived in
  • Past job titles
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