Use ThoughtFarmer for Mobile Intranet Access


According to a report by Nielsen Mobile, we’re now seeing rapid growth in mobile internet use. 40 million US mobile subscribers, or 15.6% of mobile owners, were active users of mobile Internet services in May 2008.

Are you among these numbers? Great! ThoughtFarmer allows you to keep tabs on your intranet from your phone.

Create intranet pages via email

You can create intranet pages via email on your mobile phone.

Monitor intranet via RSS, email notifications

Receive notifications on intranet activity through an RSS reader like NetNewsWire. Or, get updates via email.

Support for iPhone web browser

You can view ThoughtFarmer pages on your iPhone’s built-in web browser.


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  1. EphraimJF

    That’s great! When will I be able to view TF pages on my G1 (the “Google phone”) web browser?

  2. Chris

    Hmm, I guess I’ll have to get myself one of those Google phones.

    More mobile developments are in the works in 2009. Stay tuned.

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