Recorded Webinar: How to Create an Effective Intranet Strategy


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Organizations have visions of increased employee engagement, productivity, and innovation as a result of implementing their new intranet. But how do you make this happen when there’s multiple stakeholders to manage, unclear goals, and disorganized content? Intranet strategy is the link between those visions and reality. In this 30-minute webinar, Gordon Ross, VP of Strategy at ThoughtFarmer, will take a deep dive into intranet strategy and help you turn corporate goals into real organizational changes with tangible value.

Learn how to:

  • Make strategic decisions by learning the background theory of how intranets work inside organizations.
  • Align your corporate strategy with your intranet strategy to help your organization deliver on it’s overall objectives.
  • Increase employee effectiveness by giving staff tools that help them get their jobs done.

This webinar is now complete, you can view the recording here:


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