Video demo: Tree view navigation

Easy navigation is a key area where ThoughtFarmer outshines all other intranet software. It’s not only easy to use, but it’s easy to build: because ThoughtFarmer is hierarchical, all navigation can be generated automatically.

There are several auto-generated navigation views, but the new addition in ThoughtFarmer 3.5 is Tree View Left Nav.

Video: Tree view left navigation

As shown in the video, the main features are:

  1. Current page is highlighted
  2. Child pages are identified
  3. Sibling pages are listed
  4. An expand/collapse icon appears next to each page with children
  5. Click the page name to go directly to a page
  6. Click the expand icon to browse the pages in a section before navigating

Read about other new features in ThoughtFarmer 3.5:

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