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Looking for Professional Development Opportunities?

Continuous learning is beneficial regardless of age or career stage. At ThoughtSummit attendees will get live, face-to-face professional development opportunities relevant to career goals and business needs.

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No matter how long you have been a communication or HR professional, there is always something to learn. Trends, innovations, and new strategies happen almost daily, and to stay up-to-date you need educational opportunities that equip you with a variety of skills and knowledge.

ThoughtSummit is an inspiring intranet conference that brings together Communications, HR, and IT professionals for two days of learning, networking, and fun. From May 13-14, attendees will benefit from live, face-to-face professional development relevant to their business/career goals and needs.

ThoughtSummit attendees will return to the workplace with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with new knowledge and tools, as well as new contacts. These benefits will help attendees grow personally, and more importantly, professionally.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the upcoming sessions:

You Can’t Commsplain Your Way to Success

An uncomfortable yet humorous conversation where communicators learn to take ownership and overcome the denial we all have about explaining away our challenges.

Do You Need an Intranet AND a Chatbot?

A discussion on the subject of chatbots, where Chris McGrath will break down the strengths and weaknesses of chatbots, and how a chatbot can complement or enhance your intranet.

How to Customize Your Intranet to Keep Your Employees Engaged

A well-designed intranet can go a long way in ensuring initial intranet adoption. But what do you do to keep employees coming back day after day?

There’s a Form for That!

A one-hour workshop session where our brightest user design experts will walk you through all the steps to creating and leveraging forms in your intranet.

Rowboat in a Hurricane: Dealing with Change & Unexpected Setbacks

Imagine surviving a hurricane with nothing more than a rowboat to shelter you. When our speakers set off on a quest to become the first to row across the Atlantic from mainland Europe to mainland North America, this was not what they anticipated. They will share techniques to deal with changing environments including altering our perception, preparing for the unexpected, assessing risks, and improving communication.