Announcing ThoughtFarmer 3.5 Social Intranet Software with Discussion Capture

We’re pleased to announce ThoughtFarmer 3.5, the fastest, most powerful next-generation intranet solution on the market!

1Discussion Capture: Unlock the ideas trapped in email

With a few clicks, connect new or existing email distribution lists to ThoughtFarmer. Discussion Capture monitors all email discussions, automatically creating discussion pages and indexing the contents for search. Conversations are threaded together and user profiles are linked up, providing additional social context. Read more.

[screenshot] Discussion Capture monitors email threads

22-minute video demo

Watch a 2-minute video overview of ThoughtFarmer 3.5, including a demo of Discussion Capture.

[screenshot] 2-minute Video Demo (link to video)

3New Employee Directory: Find the right person, faster

The all-new Employee Directory in ThoughtFarmer 3.5 makes it easy to browse, sort and filter people. Read more.

[screenshot] New people directory with filters (link to blog post)

4Tree view navigation: Navigate faster

Tree view navigation is a simple but useful enhancement to ThoughtFarmer’s left navigation: an expand/collapse icon beside each nav item. Quickly drill down your intranet’s hierarchy without leaving the current page. Watch video.

[screenshot] Tree view left navigation (link to blog post with video)

5Performance enhancements: The fastest ThoughtFarmer yet

Several performance enhancements make ThoughtFarmer 3.5 our fastest release yet. Built-in gzip compression reduces bandwidth consumption by 80 to 90% on some pages. New attachment handling speeds uploads and downloads while reducing disk usage. Improved server-side caching frees up processing power while improved client-side caching means your web browser never requests something it doesn’t really need. The end result is a fast, responsive intranet experience.

What are people saying about ThoughtFarmer?

“Deploying to our 1800 user group, many of whom are not familiar with technology, was the smoothest large-scale IT project I’ve ever been involved with.” — Bevin Hernandez, Project Manager, Penn State University Outreach

“ThoughtFarmer is the best business-centric social networking application out there.” — Lisa Malenfant, Knowledge Management Coordinator, WATG

“[ThoughtFarmer’s] ease of use and the look and feel were huge attractions. We were amazed how quickly we could set up a complete and very effective tool.” — Ron Ogilvy, Director IT, Graymont

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