More social features, easier administration in ThoughtFarmer 2.4

We’re pleased to announce today the release of ThoughtFarmer 2.4! It makes enterprise wikis friendlier and easier to manage than ever before.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features.

Group pages with self-subscription

Create group pages for teams, projects and departments. Assign members yourself, or let users self-subscribe.

[screenshot] Create groups and let users self-subscribe

Share your current status

Let people see what you’re working on or what you’re thinking with personal status updates.

[screenshot] Share your current status

Synchronize ThoughtFarmer with Active Directory

Copy information back and forth between ThoughtFarmer and Active Directory with new 2-way AD synchronization. Select whether ThoughtFarmer or AD is the master for each field. Create custom data capture fields to sync a wide array of information.

[screenshot] 2-way synchronization with Active Directory

Rebrand your wiki in minutes

Use ThoughtFarmer’s new Skinning Console to apply a skin in minutes.

[screenshot] Quickly skin your wiki

Other changes

  • Faster search — sub-second response times for most queries
  • Faster page loading — we’ve minified more files and tweaked caching
  • Better search results — keyword highlighting, stemming, full breadcrumbs for each result
  • Better RSS reading — proxy servers and ATOM feeds now supported
  • Improved UI — dozens of tweaks to the layout and presentation

All in all, 2.4 is a great release that we’re very proud of. But just wait until you see 2.5…

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