Join ThoughtFarmer for Guided Morning Runs at Enterprise 2.0 Boston

Coach Stacie Jutice
ThoughtFarmer’s running guide: Stacie Justice

Come join us for any or all of 3 morning runs we’ve organized at the 2011 Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston! Start the day fresh with a natural boost of endorphins and some old-fashioned socializing, no entry ticket required.

We’ve hired our Boston-based pal Stacie Justice to map out and lead a few relaxed runs through Boston’s historic and beautiful neighborhoods. Coach Stacie will meet us in front of the Sheraton Boston and guide us at a pleasant 9 min/mile pace around Boston’s crooked streets, famous parks and stunning waterways.

Join the group and walk (run) the talk of work-life balance while you’re away from home for business!

Dates, start time & meet-up location

Dates: Tues, Jun 21; Wed, Jun 22; Thurs, June 23

Start times: Meet at 7:00am, start at 7:10am

Where to meet: In front of the Sheraton Boston Hotel main entrance, look for coach Stacie in a ThoughtFarmer t-shirt.

Route handouts: Coach Stacie will have printed route maps (1.6 Mb PDF) available, including for folks who prefer to run solo.

Meet coach Stacie

Don’t be intimidated by our Boston-based running coach, Stacie Justice. While she ran all-state cross country for four years in high school and ran Division 1 cross country at Oral Roberts University, she runs mostly for fun now.

Stacie ran the Chicago and San Francisco marathons and is currently training for a 3:40 time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She’s run several half marathons, with a 1:38 PR in the Hyannis Half Marathon, and has recently run in two 200-mile relay races in New England.

Stacie grew up on a farm in Kansas and moved to the Boston area after finishing college. She “started running in 6th grade and never stopped.” While she loves living in and running through Boston, she misses plenty of things in Kansas, especially her horse.

Look for coach Stacie outside the Sheraton Boston Hotel in a ThoughtFarmer t-shirt the mornings of June 22, 23, 24.

Route maps & run stats

Download the PDF handout with all three routes, or see interactive Google Maps of the individual routes below.

Route #1: 3.66 miles around Charles River (map & details)

Run #1

Route #2: 3.84 miles through the Back Bay (map & details)

Run #2

Route #3: 5.5 miles to Boston Harbor and back (map & details)

Run #3

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