ThoughtFarmer goes to London


Last week, Chris and I spent three brilliant days in London, meeting and talking about ThoughtFarmer. Our first visit on the trip was with our newest ThoughtFarmer client, NESTA, the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. We were there for the launch of their new ThoughtFarmer-powered intranet and we got some great perspective from their web team and some nice feedback from their users. It has been very rewarding for us to see such an important organization in the field of scientific and technological innovation adopt an innovative and truly progressive approach to their internal communications and knowledge sharing. Miko Coffey and Dave Nunson are providing strong web team leadership at NESTA and are really encouraging many-to-many communication within the organization, allowing their staff to work better together, collaborate more effectively, and find the information they need.

We’re hoping to be able to share some of NESTA’s experiences with the intranet in the near future, as they begin to use it in their own particular way. I’m quite excited at the prospect of what an office full of knowledge workers and innovation thinkers will do with our software. So watch for some NESTA updates as they get settled in and start using …

While in London we were lucky enough to have an audience with some real leaders in the social software field, including Euan Semple (ex-BBC / The Obvious), Suw Charman & Kevin Anderson (Strange Attractors), and Lee Bryant and the Headshift team (now featuring Lars Plougmann!). It was a pleasure to talk to people with such a deep understanding of the dynamics of social software and with some great real-world experience in using these tools in the enterprise. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the upcoming months and we’ll get to continue some of the great dialogue we started on this trip. The jetlag was well-worth it!


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    Nice to meet you guys, and looking forward to sharing our experiences. First post is here:

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