ThoughtFarmer at Content Convergence & Integration 2008

Darren Gibbons is busy presenting at the Content Convergence and Integration conference here in Vancouver today. His talk is about launching an enterprise wiki and some things you can do to make that a success.

Here’s the abstract from the site:

Wikis, with their free-flowing unstructured approach to knowledge management are catching on like wildfire within organizations. However, there are pitfalls to avoid before rolling them out within your company. This presentation outlines the six key factors to consider before launching one of these applications. Using examples based on real-life success stories, Darren will provide recommendations that will help you achieve success regardless of the wiki platform you choose

Lots of great speakers on the bill at CCI 2008, including CMS heavy-hitters Bob Boiko and Ann Rockley, as well as lots of great local Vancouver talent like organizer Rahel Anne Bailie, Michael Fergusson, Darren Barefoot, Theresa Putkey, and Jeff Sinclair.

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