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ThoughtFarmer at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference

Last month one of our clients, First National Bank and Trust, invited us to speak at the annual ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.

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Thankfully, our in-house ThoughtFarmers Wil and Amol have lots of experience speaking to the importance of intranets for banks (and other large organizations), so with power-suits packed and powerpoint saved, we sent ‘em down south.

Set against the backdrop of New Orleans and its rich culture, myriad Jazz bars, and seemingly endless beignets, the conference—“the industry’s flagship conference for bank marketers”—offered an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded folks from the financial space. Not only did Wil and Amol enjoy a super engaged audience who dished out as many insights as they received (did you know, for example, that the most successful marketers are “fat-T-shaped”? Drop us a line if you want to find out more about that!) our intrepid duo also enjoyed countless conversations with other experts form the banking industry.

For their talk—titled “What Would You Do With 28% More Time?”—Wil and Amol offered a unique perspective into how intranets can unlock the hidden knowledge of banks and other large organizations. As Amol, ThoughtFarmer’s Director of Sales, says, “A bank’s organizational structure means it’s branches are inherently siloed, so even though each branch offers the same products/services, there is often a lack of collaboration and communication between them.” Wiping away beignet sugar from his mouth, he continues “…having an intranet to serve as a hub of their digital workplace allows a bank’s staff to connect and collaborate more easily, and capture untold troves knowledge that would otherwise go hidden.”

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Such issues aren’t unique to banks, though. As Wil pointed out, “While banks do have a unique corporate structure, there’s still this similarity they share with other large institutions, especially as everyone moves towards common digital workplace practices.”

Due in part to that shift towards a digital workplace, employees are losing more and more time to mundane tasks, tasks that a well-designed intranet can help mitigate. How, exactly? Well, our next article covers that and more! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when fresh content is published!