ThoughtFarmer 3.6 Released (and I’m lovin’ it)

Wow. We finally released ThoughtFarmer 3.6. 319 days, 941 tickets and 10 development sprints after we started. It was a ton of work, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Our What’s New in Version 3.6 covers all the new features nicely, so I won’t repeat that in this blog post. What I will share are two brief stories about how ThoughtFarmer 3.6 is working for real people.

Real ThoughtFarmer 3.6 Story: Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op operates 13 large outdoor specialty stores across Canada, employing about 1750 people. If you’re from the USA, you can think of them as the Canadian version of REI.

Mountain Equipment Co-op deployed ThoughtFarmer 3.6 Beta as their corporate intranet in October 2009. In addition to heavy head-office use, all retail workers have access via centrally-located kiosks.

How do they like ThoughtFarmer 3.6? I’ll let their CIO answer:

“At MEC we’re using ThoughtFarmer 3.6 as the engine for our corporate intranet. I think we knew the launch was going to be a success when we heard these staff responses at our roll-out training sessions: ‘Oh, it’s like Facebook. That’s easy’ and ‘No, I don’t need more training, I can figure it out.’ Our adoption stats are much better than we had anticipated, and the percentage of content contributors is higher too. I believe we have the ease and familiarity of the interface to thank for this.”

Georgette Parsons, MEC CIO

For more comments from MEC staff on specific ThoughtFarmer 3.6 features, see the sidebar on What’s New in 3.6.

Real ThoughtFarmer 3.6 Story: OpenRoad Communications

If you pay attention to small print, you’ll recognize that OpenRoad Communications is us — it’s the company behind ThoughtFarmer. There are about 30 of us, and in addition to ThoughtFarmer, we do high-end web sites and specialty web applications.

So I guess I’m totally biased in saying this, but, in all seriousness… ThoughtFarmer 3.6 has completely transformed the way we use our intranet.

We deployed 3.6 beta to our intranet in August 2009. It was rough around the edges back then, but we still saw an immediate, dramatic increase in use. What I found interesting is that I thought I already used ThoughtFarmer fully, but now I’m using it even more.  Three reasons I see:

  1. The completely redesigned Activity Stream is engaging. In an instant, I get a pulse on what’s going on with the people I work with.
  2. Search Filters have transformed search. I never struggle anymore to find a certain page or document. Search is razor-accurate.
  3. It’s faster. It was already fast, but every little bit counts. With the new performance optimizations, ThoughtFarmer never makes me wait.

Instant Demo Access

With the release of version 3.6, we’re introducing Instant Demo Access to ThoughtFarmer. If you want to try version 3.6, don’t wait — test drive it right now.

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