Stemming Knowledge Loss with Social Intranet Software – Recorded Webinar


This morning, wiki expert Stewart Mader and I presented a webinar on Stemming Knowledge Loss with Social Intranet Software.

According to a tweet by industry pundit Thomas Vanderwal:

the @thoughtfamer & @slmader webinar is really good (yes, I know I am supposed to hate everything).

Thanks Thomas, glad you liked it! Although we were unable to record the live webinar, I recorded a shorter version here. Length is 25 minutes.


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  1. Emily

    It would help to include a link in your post to the other presentation you reference – I found this blog post but am not sure that’s what you meant, since you only suggested googling it. Is there a video version?

  2. Chris McGrath

    Hi Emily, yes, that’s the written version of the presentation I referred to in the “Knowledge Loss” webinar. We don’t have a video version of it currently.

  3. Kim Feraday

    Like where you’re going with search. Moving to semantic reconciliation — allowing users to find content/people in the context they’re working in. Do you also integrate with enterprise search — Fast, Endeca, Omnifind, Google Search etc.? Also would be interesting if you leveraged some of the visualization capabilities you’re using for content (where OpenText is going w/Vizible acquisition).

    As it relates to knowledge retention like the email. What about integration of wiki with traditional content management (Sharepoint, Filenet, Documentum) and standardization of content to support search?

    Finally not sure I agree that network more important than the content to the organization == community and knowledge is maybe at least as important as network which can be transient.

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