Read/Write Idol 2007

Rod Boothby runs an interesting blog about innovation, knowledge workers, and enterprise blogging over at Innovation Creators. His most recent post includes a poll of “break out read/write intranet systems for 2007” — of which, ThoughtFarmer made the list.

These software companies all make tools that could be used by a large company to create a readable and writeable Intranet. Please indicate how likely you think it is that each of these companies will hit a home run in 2007. 1 is not likely. 5 is guaranteed success.

We’re in some good company there. It’s a pretty diverse list of major platforms, some of which are new to me. In general, I think everyone on the list shares the desire to redefine how intranets work and create value for organizations. I’m not sure how entirely scientific the poll is, but Rod’s done a good job in capturing many of the Enterprise 2.0 type platforms out there today.

So go check it out and be sure to give us a few stars…

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