Assembling Your Team: Step 2 to a New Intranet

In Step 1, your learned about Determining Your Business Objectives.

Step 2 to a new intranet is assemble your team.

Select a team that:

  • has the authority to get things done
  • is committed to your business objectives
  • is small enough to act with efficiency

The following list includes some of the roles and job titles that are common on intranet teams.

Step 2 to a new intranet: Pick your team.
Step 2 to a new intranet: Pick your team.

Common roles and job titles on intranet teams

  • Communications Manager/Director
  • HR Manager/Director
  • IT Director or CIO
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Intranet Manager
  • Representatives from departments impacted most by the intranet

If you need to hire an intranet manager, you may find this post helpful: Sample Job Descriptions for Intranet Managers.

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