ThoughtFarmer 7.0 Intranet Homepages: News Your Employees Will Want to Read

ThoughtFarmer 7.0 Matcha features fresh home page layouts. New carousel and Pinterest-style options give your communications team a visually engaging way to spread the word about important updates.

Pinterest-Style: Make All News Beautiful

The new Pinterest-style layout (we like to call it “the Pintranet”) transforms your homepage into a visual and vibrant communications hub.

Administrators can easily set up the new Pinterest-style layout through the home page settings.


Existing news items are instantly converted into the Pinterest-style homepage. The new layout dynamically resizes to look great with any screen size. The header image is automatically pulled from the page content or it can be set manually.


For posts that don’t have images, we’ve created an attractive text-based card. This ensures that staff who are not tech-savvy or design-savvy can still easily publish content.


Carousel: Showcase Your Most Important Updates

Internal communications teams are highly skilled at crafting intranet news items. Their messages usually go to a large number of staff and are mission-critical. The new carousel adds extra visual impact to their messages.

The carousel works in tandem with the Pinterest-style layout or can be used with our original news layout.

The Result: A Beautiful and Engaging Intranet Home Page

The result is a homepage that is modern, readable, and engaging. ThoughtFarmer 7.0 Matcha gives employees the tools to focus on what’s important — like key messages on your homepage.

Want to try it for yourself? Get in touch for a personalized demo and free 30-day trial of ThoughtFarmer.

Other new features in ThoughtFarmer 7.0 Matcha: