Meet the speakers: Stowe Boyd, Web Anthropologist, at Social Intranet Summit #SISV

Stowe Boyd, Web Anthropologist

Stowe is an internationally recognized authority on social tools and their impact on media, business, and society. He is best known for his commentary on the social revolution at, and his public speaking on his research on work media, social business, the social web, publicy, social cognition, networked identity, and the future of work. Stowe is at work on a new book about the rise of a socially augmented world, called ‘A Liquid, Not A Solid; A City, Not A Machine’.

Stowe’s Topic at the Social Intranet Summit:

Trust, Tasks, And Twitter: What Social Cognition Research Tells Us About Working Together

Wednesday, September 28th at 3:00 PM

Research in recent years has shed new light on the biochemistry and cognitive psychology of human interaction, with some startling and often counter-intuitive findings. Why does adding smart people to small groups not improve performance? Why are short-term, ‘Hollywood’-style projects so effective? How does sharing task progress lead to happiness? What are the benefits of having friends at work? Does Twitter make people smarter? Stowe will walk through a broad collection of research on social cognition, and show how social tools seem natural because they line up with the structure of our minds and innate social connection.

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