ThoughtFarmer in London & Dublin: Meet up?


We’re making our semi-annual pilgrimage to London this weekend. Well, not “we”. Me. I’m leaving Gord at home this time. Sorry, Gord…
I’ll be visiting current and potential ThoughtFarmer clients as well as social software consultants. Schedule:

  • Monday, Nov 19: London
  • Tuesday, Nov 20: London
  • Wednesday, Nov 21: Dublin
  • Thursday, Nov 22: London

I’d like to meet you, too, and I’ve got a few slots still available. If you’d like to get together, shoot me an email:


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  1. Gord

    Sigh. Next time Chris… next time. Hopefully 4 days is slightly less timezone shattering / jetlag inducing than the 3 days last time. Although I somehow highly doubt that. Say hello to everyone.

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