Intranet Tip: Harness the Power of Your Most Influential Voices: the Executives


In brief: Engage staff and strengthen corporate objectives by encouraging your executives to blog on the intranet.


Candid conversations go a long way towards building a trusting work environment and increasing employee morale. A way to facilitate these conversations is to encourage executives to write blog posts for the intranet. Publishing blog posts after quarterly or annual meetings is a great way to extend the conversation. By opening up commenting, leadership can solicit feedback from staff, which in turn makes them feel more valued and engaged with big picture goals.

In the example below, you can see Assiniboine Credit Union’s homepage with a blog post from their CEO, front and centre. The first-ever blog post written by their CEO received an overwhelming number of comments and positive responses praising the level of personal communication, and expressing excitement for more. It quickly became a critical tool for disseminating information and opened the door to a new two-way communication system.


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