You’ll “Like” the New Features in ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado

ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado is coming soon! Here’s a sneak peak of a key change: enhanced liking. 

Thumbs up for the “Like” button

What do we “like” best about Avocado? We’re introducing Like button enhancements to help you spread positivity around your organization.

Screenshot - Like intranet news items directly from the home page
Like posts directly from the home page

What’s changing?

ThoughtFarmer has had the familiar “thumbs up” button for years, allowing users to signal when they like a page. Based on client feedback, we’re now extending this capability to comments as well as newsfeed items. Additionally, users can now click on the Like count to see which particular users have liked a page, comment, or newsfeed item.

[Screenshot] See a list of who liked each item
See who liked it

How does this benefit your organization?

We’re all familiar with liking on social sites like Facebook. But how does it affect an internal system where the audience is employees?

  • Increased Newsfeed engagement: Users can now see from the homepage which news articles and blog posts have more Likes. This creates more incentive to view highly-liked articles, especially when they can see that their peers have already liked an article.
  • Improved author feedback: Like count gives authors of both pages and individual comments an additional level of immediate feedback and positive reinforcement.
  • Better search results: Just like Google, our search looks at social signals to gauge importance of content. Posts with more likes appear higher in search results.

[screenshot] Like an individual comment
Like an individual comment
From our own experience testing the improved Like feature, we’ve seen quick adoption, especially in the newsfeed. Based on users’ experience with Facebook, the feature feels like second nature.

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