Intranet Journal Reviews ThoughtFarmer 3.5

Troy Dreier at Intranet Journal reviewed ThoughtFarmer 3.5 with a positive write-up entitled, “Harvest Good Ideas with ThoughtFarmer.”

Intranet Journal

The article takes a look at some of the new features in ThoughtFarmer, calling them “impressive improvements”. It also covers the story of how we worked closely with IDEO to create the new Discussion Capture feature.

Step 4: Collaborate via email *and* ThoughtFarmer

Troy also describes several other features in our new version, including the new Employee Directory, tree-view navigation, and performance optimizations via speed enhancements and compression utilities.

I like how Troy summed up ThoughtFarmer, saying it “lets you create a new intranet quickly with an emphasis on social features.”

Read the full article over at Intranet Journal.

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