Our “Favorite” Change in ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado

ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado makes one of our “favorite” intranet features even better.

Screenshot - Intranet favorites link
Click the star to add a page to your favorites

The favorite button has a dual purpose in ThoughtFarmer. First, when users click “Favorite”, the page is added to their personal favorites list in their app bar. Second, once a user has added a pages to their list of favorites, they receive email notifications about updates, edits, and comments added to that page. This functionality will stay the same, but we’ve now added a new ability: see who has favorited a page.

Intranet Favorites List
Favorites appear in your personal favorites list in the app bar

This feature may sound simple, but it adds significant value. First, page authors and editors now have a clear line of sight into who receives notifications about the page. They don’t need to send a “just in case you missed this” email to let people know about updates. Second, similar to our “Like” feature, it provides affirmation to the page owner that the content he or she created is indeed useful.

Who favorited intranet page
See who has favorited a page

We’ve found this change to favorites is really useful for intranet forums, shared documents, and group pages. If you’d like to learn more about what’s new in ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado, attend our  launch webinar on June 19th.

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