Information Management: “ThoughtFarmer Social Intranet Connects with Staff”

Information Management interviewed ThoughtFarmer client Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) about their successful social intranet in a new article “Social Intranet Connects with Staff.” From the article:

By fostering employee use and making certain communications more efficient, management at outdoor gear retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op finds that workers are engaged as never before and using a system that caught on and took off in a way the company never imagined.

MEC is based in Vancouver. The retail co-op started in 1971 selling climbing equipment and has since expanded to all kinds of adventure supplies. It now has more than 1,500 employees in 14 retail locations. In what was first seen as a way to centralize information for employees, MEC adopted a social intranet.

Intranets have traditionally struggled as hotbeds of social activity, so practicality comes first. MEC employees use a platform from ThoughtFarmer called Mondo for checking schedules, requesting time off and reordering items. But once employee needs and behavior were understood, it also became a home to popular forums and interest groups. Mondo, administrators say, was functional out of the box, but more success came with customization for MEC staff.

In the six-month period from October to March 2011, users created 9451 pages, made 7932 comments and attached 3198 documents. MEC is now experiencing average usage levels of 85 percent of employees logging in on a regular basis.

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