Enterprise 2.0 and the Hype Cycle


In 1995, Gartner proposed that the adoption of any new technology follows a hype cycle (Wikipedia: Hype Cycle). See the diagram below.

Enterprise 2.0 Hype Cycle

It seems to me that Enterprise 2.0 has passed the Peak of Inflated Expectations and is now on the trip through the Trough of Disillusionment.

The Hype Cycle can’t be stopped. As Mark Raskino, co-author of Mastering the Hype Cycle, explains in a reply to a TechCrunch blog post, “Bloggers: Let’s Band Together and Stop the Hype Cycle“:

“[The Hype Cycle] can’t be completely stopped because its existence arises from a fundamental mismatch between the speed of social excitement and the slower pace of engineering progress & market penetration.”

I’m looking forward to our immature Enterprise Social Software market climbing the Slope of Enlightenment and reaching the Plateau of Productivity — like countless game-changing technologies that came before it.