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How the Vancouver Police Department used their intranet as a knowledge management platform

A fascinating new case study that speaks on the growing desire for organizations to manage and share employee knowledge in the workplace.

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One of the most exciting parts about working for ThoughtFarmer is all the great customer stories we get to share. Knowing the difference we make in our client’s organizations makes what we all do so worthwhile.

This month we bring you an interesting new case study from the Digital Forensics Unit (DFU) at the Vancouver Police Department. 

This case study is fascinating because it highlights the growing need many organizations have relating to managing and sharing large databases of knowledge.

The DFU used their ThoughtFarmer intranet as a knowledge management network, and were able to host valuable content including standard operating procedures, training videos, software solutions, hardware solutions, webinars, legal correspondence, and employee suggestions. 

“ThoughtFarmer has been a complete game-changer. The speed at which we can uncover relevant information has been incredible,” said Sergeant Brandt Watkins.

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Sergeant Watkins and his team recently put this knowledge to use when attempting to extract data from older model flip-style mobile phones. When the instructions were finally uncovered, they were immediately posted to their intranet. Having this information readily available helps save their investigators time and money. To learn more about how a knowledge management network helped them, read the case study. 

Click here to read the case study.