ThoughtFarmer at Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco

Gord and I are in San Francisco this week at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. We’re wandering the halls in our ThoughtFarmer t-shirts, attending sessions, meeting existing customers and speaking with potential new ones.

thoughtfarmer tshirts

A handsome and slimming ThoughtFarmer t-shirt

Bevin Hernandez, the project manager who led the hugely successful ThoughtFarmer roll-out at Penn State University Outreach, is presenting on how to launch Enterprise 2.0 in Oliver Mark’s and Sameer Patel’s session on Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration and 2.0 Technologies.

Are you wikirsstwitterblogified?

A marketing piece that was part of Penn State’s intranet launch

Gentry Underwood, who leads IDEO’s Knowledge Sharing discipline, is leading a session on the Best of Boston track entitled “How to Build Collaborative Software That People Will Actually Use“. ThoughtFarmer is a critical component of IDEO’s intranet.

Gentry Underwood at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

Gentry presenting IDEO’s knowledge sharing platform at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco. Photo by Paul May.

We’d love to meet with you too. Contact us via twitter at @thoughtfarmer (that’s me) or @gordonr (that’s Gord) and let’s set something up.

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