Creating Intranet Templates: Duplicate. Duplicate.

Duplicate pages and files on your intranet
The duplicate button

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We’re pleased to announce the new “Duplicate” feature in ThoughtFarmer 6.0, which can essentially make a template out of any page or file on your intranet.

There are dozens of reasons you might want to duplicate a page, but here are two scenarios where I find it especially useful:

Agendas for Recurring Meetings

ThoughtFarmer has always been useful for collaborating on meeting agendas and notes (learn more from the real-world use examples on our Helpdesk). But now it’s even easier: go to last week’s meeting, click “Duplicate”, and then make the changes to update the agenda for this week.

Duplicating a meeting agenda
Duplicating a meeting agenda

Proposal Templates

Like many companies, we’re always sending out quotes and proposals. I used to download our Proposal template, “Save as”, make the appropriate changes, then re-upload to ThoughtFarmer. But now I just click “Duplicate” and I give it a new name. Then, using our Direct File Editing (see our blog post on version 6.0’s document management features), I make the appropriate changes. No downloading! No “Save as”! No re-uploading!

We’re sure you’ll find many more ways for Duplicate to save you a bunch of time.

An interesting side note: “Duplicate” was originally called “Clone”. But thanks to the wisdom and informal testing of our UX team, this feature no longer sounds like something out of Star Wars!

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