New Document Management Features: Files meet Folders

As our document management features expand, more clients are putting more documents into ThoughtFarmer. (See Document Preview, a Dropbox Alternative and Duplicate for examples of recent document management enhancements in ThoughtFarmer.) Once you’re managing thousands of files in ThoughtFarmer, you start to see the need for our newest document management feature: folders.

Folders are a part of our newest release – ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado! 

Watch a video that demonstrates folders, or read on for screenshots.

A page before folders: A bit busy

ThoughtFarmer page before folders
This branding section contains hundreds of files, divided into several pages. It would be easier to access the files if they were in folders.

A page after folders: More manageable

Example of intranet folders
The branding page is now easier to read and navigate.

Highlight files to reveal bulk actions, including Download (as a zip archive)

Intranet folders - Bulk actions
Select multiple files to perform bulk actions, such as Download as a zip archive.

Want to see more of ThoughtFarmer 6.5 Avocado? Register for our live demo on Wednesday, June 19th.