Darren Gibbons, ThoughtFarmer President, interviewed in Georgia Straight

[logo] Georgia StraightVancouver’s news and entertainment weekly, The Georgia Straight, interviewed Darren Gibbons, ThoughtFarmer President, in this week’s issue in the article, “ThoughtFarmer, Google Docs make the workplace social.”

From the article:

“For us, when somebody new comes into the company, they can sit down, they can fire up the intranet, and they can get up to speed with different projects that are going on around the office, see some information about their coworkers—what their strengths are, that type of thing,” Gibbons said. “But they can also go through and look at photos from the Christmas party and that type of stuff too. They can get a feel for a little bit more about the company than they would from just having conversations with an individual.”

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