Dachis Social Business Summit 2010 Roundup

On March 11, 2010, I was privileged to be part of the inaugural Dachis Social Business Summit in Austin Texas. Through our ThoughtFarmer partnership with the Dachis Group, we received an invite to join a great mix of people to listen and discuss social business design, the transformation of companies into “dynamic, socially calibrated organizations that gain constant value from their ecosystem of connections.”

The roster was stellar. A single-track, one-day event, the Summit’s speakers were compelling, interesting, and challenged the 100 or so audience members with their thoughtful and passionate talks.

Here’s who presented:


Douglas Rushkoff, Author (@rushkoff)
Charlene Li, Altimeter Group (@charleneli)
Jaime Punishill, Citibank (@jpunishill)
Kate Niederhoffer, Dachis Group (@katenieder)
Jackie Huba, Ant’s Eye View (@jackiehuba)
Frank Eliason, Comcast (@comcastcares)
Dion Hinchcliffe, Hinchcliffe & Co. (@dhinchcliffe)
Sam Decker, Bazaarvoice (@samdecker)
Rick Maynard, KFC (@kfc_colonel)
Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction (@monstro)
John Hagel, Deloitte (@jhagel)
Karen McGraine, Bond Art + Science (@karenmcgrane)
Christine Morrison, Intuit (@ttaxchristine)
Lee Bryant, Headshift (@leebryant)

When asked about how the list came together, Dachis Group’s resident Haligonian Jevon Macdonald said, “We asked our favourite people to come talk and they all agreed.”

The topics varied from the historical and theoretical down to the inner workings of managing Twitter accounts inside large corporations. 13th century economics, social psychology experiments, Colonel Sanders, four letter words used but not coined by Lane Becker, productive friction, HiPPO decisions, people excited about tax software, organograms, and of course, a plethora of storytelling and authentic conversations: the Summit was as broad as it was deep.

But one thing was consistent: the quality of the speakers and the level of discourse. How many events have you attended where you managed to see 14 presentations that were top notch? In a single day all in a row? SBS2010 made up for all of the awkward panels and hour-long infomercials surely to come on the eve of SXSW Interactive.

Jeff and his team have set the bar high for SBS2011. Well done.

I’ve got a few posts building on some of the many ideas at the Summit. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of links and resources from the Summit.

Slides from SBS2010 on Slideshare (only a few so far, hopefully more soon)

Frog Design – Jon Kolko

The New Marketing – Steve Ellis

Impact Interactions – Mike Rowland

IMediaWorks – Michelle Batten

New Comm Biz – Tac Anderson

Dave Gray’s visual note-taking illustrations (I sat beside Dave and watched him sketch all day, hope to see more of the notes online)

All tweets from #SBS2010, courtesy of Twapper (WARNING: it’s a long page. Who knew 100 people could tweet so much in one day?)

Open Amplify’s Twitter list of attendees

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