ThoughtFarmer Announces Alliance with Dachis Group to Deliver Social Business Solutions


Dachis Group logoThe coolest thing to happen this year to the stuffy world of IT consulting firms is the formation of Dachis Group. Led by the former CEO of Razorfish, Jeffrey Dachis, they’ve assembled a rockstar team of the best and brightest minds in social software and secured a $50 million commitment from Austin Ventures.

So when Dachis Group went looking to partner with the best social software technology vendors, who’d they call? Oh yeah, you know it, baby. Us. They called us.

ThoughtFarmer is amongst a handful of select partners that Dachis Group will leverage to service the business needs of their customers. Other technology partners include IBM Lotus Connections, Atlassian Confluence and coTweet.

What does this alliance mean for you, our clients, partners and potential customers? First, you can take advantage of Dachis Group’s complete range of strategic services when introducing ThoughtFarmer to your company. And second, it’s another reason you can be confident that ThoughtFarmer is the best-of-breed solution for your social intranet.

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  1. Kim Feraday

    Congrats. Any concerns as to how they’re going to carve up market for partners? In particular your offering and telligent seem built on MS platform (sharepoint, exchange etc.) so they’re seems to be some capability and focus overlap there.

  2. Chris

    If there’s no competition in a market, it’s not a market. Telligent and ThoughtFarmer have many similarities, but many differences too. Dachis Group is very familiar with our offering and will know when it’s the best choice for their customer.

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