ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2014: Winners in the Best Looking Category

ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2014: Winners in the Best Looking Category

See the winners and get inspired from the winners in our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet awards competition for 2014.

July 24, 2014

**whoaaaa... this post is really old. To view updated award winning intranets, visit this page.

In May, we ran our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. Our clients entered their intranets in 3 categories: Best Looking, Most Innovative, and Best Collaboration. Today we'll profile the winners in the Best Looking category.

Badge: Best-looking intranetWINNER, Best Looking Intranet: Splio

  • Industry: Marketing & Business Consulting
  • Region: France
  • Employees: 110
  • Intranet name: Life

Splio employed extensive CSS for a textured, custom look. "Life" features a different banner image for each major section. The end result is an intranet design that wowed everyone here at ThoughtFarmer!

Splio ThoughtFarmer Intranet home page
Splio's home page sports a red banner, custom icons and texture

Splio ThoughtFarmer Intranet Blog Section
Using custom CSS, Splio was able to give each section a different look


Splio ThoughtFarmer Intranet Groups
Custom thumbnails for subsections reinforce the branding
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Badge: Honorable mention, Best-looking intranetHONORABLE MENTION, Best Looking Intranet: Immediate Media

  • Industry: Media & Publishing
  • Region: London, UK
  • Employees: 1000+
  • Intranet name: The Loop

Immediate Media modified ThoughtFarmer’s default home page to use a card-based system for displaying news. It's visually interesting and suits their business: magazine publishing.

Immediate's card-based layout was an inspiration for our new "Pintranet" layout in ThoughtFarmer 7.0.

Immediate Media Intranet
Custom html was used to create a card-style layout of news on the home page


Immediate Media Intranet Homepage
Hovering over the post brings up more of the text.

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