ThoughtFarmer 2014 Best Intranet Competition: Win an iPad

Best Intranet Competition - Win an iPadIs your ThoughtFarmer Intranet beautiful? Innovative? Collaborative? Then you should enter the Third Annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Competition!

Entering is easy: just submit a screenshot and brief description using our online entry form. Besides glory and accolades from your peers, all submissions will be entered in a draw for an iPad! Your odds for a new iPad will never be better than this: we expect 30 to 50 entries.

There are three categories: Best-looking. Most innovative. And Best Collaboration. What does it take to win?


Is your ThoughtFarmer intranet beautiful? Submit a screenshot and it will be judged solely on its esthetic appeal.

Example: Our 2013 winner, Bank of Tennessee, calls their intranet “JET”, which stands for “Just Employee Talk.” They employed a clever airport theme throughout their intranet. See a screenshot.


Are you doing something unexpectedly clever with ThoughtFarmer — perhaps using the API, TIK or other integration? Take a screenshot and describe it.

Example: Our 2013 winner, University of Wisconsin Foundation, added a floor plan app to ThoughtFarmer that shows where colleagues sit.


Has your ThoughtFarmer intranet been used to collaborate on something great? Submit a series of screenshots and describe what it is!

Example: Our 2013 winner, Green Hippo, uses ThoughtFarmer to collaborate with their manufacturing contractor. Using ThoughtFarmer Cloud as an extranet, they manage inventory, orders, and returns.

Enter the competition

Entry deadline extended one week! You have until midnight on Friday, May 23, 2014 to submit.

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