ThoughtFarmer’s Best Intranet Awards 2018

ThoughtFarmer’s Best Intranet Awards 2018

Think your intranet is innovative, beautiful, and impactful? Enter now and celebrate the success of your intranet with the ThoughtFarmer community.

May 1, 2018

Are your employees connecting on a more meaningful level? Does your intranet design make it easy for employees to find who and what they are looking for? Has there been a measurable outcome worth applauding?

Because we recognize intranet success on varying levels, we have three different categories to choose from this year:

  • Innovation: This category recognizes extraordinary intranets that push the boundaries. This could be a unique integration, using a feature in an interesting way, or doing something outside the intranet box.
  • Design: This award is all about the visual design of your intranet. Decided by our Creative Director, winners in this category excel at providing an intranet that is visually appealing, and intuitive in design.
  • Impact: The impact category applauds intranets that have achieved quantifiable business outcomes. This could include an increase in productivity, a reduction in email use, or a tangible improvement in employee engagement.
  • People’s Choice: The ThoughtFarmer community is filled with intranet experts. Top entrants of each category will be selected to be voted on by you! People's Choice voting will kick-off a few weeks before the winners are crowned at the Best Intranet Awards webinar.
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Why Enter?

Great intranets don’t just happen. Even the best technology still requires the right planning, launch, and promotion.

And as you know, the results are worth it: Increased knowledge share, stronger collaboration, and improved employee engagement. The 2018 ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards are a great way to celebrate the success of your intranet.

Winners will receive:

  • An engraved award for you to proudly display in your office
  • A feature in our Best Intranet Awards blog post series

Regardless of your company size or how long you’ve been with ThoughtFarmer, we encourage all of our customers to submit.

Deadline to submit your entries is Friday, May 25, 2018 at 11:55pm. Think your intranet is innovative, beautiful, and impactful? Enter your intranet in one category, two, or all three.

Have questions? Get in touch! We're always happy to hear from you.