2016 Best Intranet Awards Competition!


Is your ThoughtFarmer intranet beautiful? Innovative? Collaborative? Impactful? Then you should enter the fifth annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards competition.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate the success of your intranet. Get recognized for your contributions to employee engagement, company culture, and internal communications. Plus, category winners will receive public recognition on our website, as well as a $100 Amazon gift card.

We encourage everyone to submit their solutions, regardless of your company size or your intranet budget (sometimes the most lean, MacGyver-esque solution is the most effective!). As a bonus for entering, all submissions will also be entered in a draw to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Winners will be announced during the Best Intranet Awards webinar in October.



Is your ThoughtFarmer intranet beautiful? Submit a screenshot and it will be judged solely on its aesthetic appeal.

Our 2015 winner, ACCA, brought their brand to life by personifying the company’s first president, Arthur Priddle. Complete with a top hat and a moustache, it’s the most deeply integrated branding we’ve ever seen.

Most Innovative

Are you doing something unexpectedly clever with ThoughtFarmer—perhaps using the API, TIK, or other integration? Take a screenshot and tell us about it.

Our 2015 winner, LaSalle College, solved the problem of teachers spending countless hours managing projects, hours, and approvals through excel with a simple, yet effective custom integration.

Best Collaboration

thoughtfarmer-illustrations-cannon-01Has your ThoughtFarmer intranet been used to collaborate on something great? Submit a series of screenshots and describe what it is.

Our 2015 winner, College Possible, uses ThoughtFarmer to organize and manage dozens of campus visits for hundreds of students every year.

Biggest Impact

Has your ThoughtFarmer intranet made an impact on your organization’s engagement, culture, or efficiency? How did your intranet increase engagement, transform corporate culture, or simplify processes? To submit for this category, tell us a story of your goals, progress, and results.

The deadline to submit your entries is midnight on Friday, September 30, 2016. 

Fame and glory awaits…

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