10 Web 2.0 Apps Your Intranet Will Love

10 Web 2.0 Apps Your Intranet Will Love(This presentation was originally delivered live at the Social Intranet Summit Vancouver. Sign up for our monthly webinars based on the summit, free with the code I-SAW-THE-BLOG.)

I often talk to people who are looking at ThoughtFarmer and hoping for Application Nirvana. Application Nirvana is having ONE APPLICATION that lets you monitor critical systems, see your key performance metrics, enter your timesheets, check your to-do list, manage projects, publish documents, write emails, brew coffee, iron your shirt, etc etc.

Is ThoughtFarmer that application? No. Application Nirvana is an enterprise architect’s delusion. There will never be the One Single App that does everything.

Fortunately, with modern web applications like ThoughtFarmer, it is very easy to integrate best-of-breed applications. Here are 10 of my favourites.

1. FriendFeed

Description Social microblogging aggregator
Use for intranets Aggregate multiple blogs, news sites and other data feeds into a single RSS feed that can be displayed on your intranet, perhaps on the home page.
Integration method RSS
Price Free

FriendFeed for Intranets

Screenshot of two blog feeds aggregated on a single FriendFeed

2. Google News

Description News aggregator
Use for intranets See when your company is mentioned in the news; Follow trending news on topics important to your organization.
Integration method RSS
Price Free

Google News for Intranets

You can grab an RSS feed of any news search on Google News

3. Delicious

Description Social bookmarking
Use for intranets Share interesting links with others
Integration method RSS
Price Free

Delicious for intranets

Delicious’ pop-up window for saving a bookmark. The “For” field lets people save bookmarks to a single group, which can then be published to your intranet via RSS

4. PollDaddy

Description Polls and surveys
Use for intranets Conduct sophisticated polls and surveys of your employees
Integration method IFRAME, Javascript wrapper, or link
Price Free for 100 responses/month

PollDaddy for Intranets

A PollDaddy survey embedded in an intranet page

5. Google Maps

Description Maps
Use for intranets Embed maps and directions on intranet content pages
Integration method IFRAME
Price Free

Google Maps on your intranet

A Google Map embedded in an intranet page

6. Viddler Business

Description Video hosting
Use for intranets Securely deliver video to your intranet from the cloud
Integration method Embeds
Price $100/month for 5GB of transfer

Viddler for your intranet

A Viddler video securely embedded in an intranet page

7. Meebo

Description Online chat
Use for intranets Live chat during an online company event, such as a webinar
Integration method Embeds
Price Free

Meebo on your intranet

A Meebo chatroom embedded on an intranet page, ready to be used as a webinar backchannel

8. Wufoo

Description Online forms
Use for intranets Create any sort of form
Integration method iFrame, Javascript wrapper or link
Price 3 forms: Free; Unlimited forms: $30/month

Wufoo screenshot

A Wufoo form embedded on www.thoughtfarmer.com

9. Intranet Statistics

Description Like Google Analytics, but for intranets
Use for intranets Measuring adoption, tracking usage
Integration method Javascript
Price Closed Beta, or Free with ThoughtFarmer

Intranet Statistics

Intranet Statistics dashboard

10. Optimal Workshop

Description Usability tools for designing navigation structure and user interfaces
Use for intranets Improve navigation of intranet
Integration method N/A
Price 30 days for $109

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop provides 3 indispensable tools for designing navigation and user interfaces

Are you using any of these applications on your intranet? Are there any other web apps you’ve integrated on your intranet? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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