10 real intranet managers to follow on Twitter (uh, make that 40!)


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As you may know from our Real Intranet Managers Interview Series, we like to highlight the brilliant people behind great intranets. In this post we’ve highlighted a short list of real intranet managers worth following on Twitter.

Their job titles may not be “Intranet Manager” and their work is often much bigger than “intranet management,” but all of these folks do strategic intranet work, have tremendous skills and experience, and share steady streams of great info through their Twitter feeds. They’re also fascinating people worth knowing.

Disclaimer #1: There are many more brilliant intranet managers whom we have missed. Sorry about that – there are only so many hours in the day. If you know of others, please link to their Twitter profiles in a comment on this post and tell us about them.

Disclaimer #2: Any personal information we have mentioned below, such as employer or personal hobbies, was gleaned from publicly available sources, such as people’s public Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

40 intranet managers you should follow on Twitter

John Stepper
Works for: Deutsche Bank
Keywords: Collaboration, New York
John is both a visionary and a pragmatist. In his blog he writes about very real-world issues based on his experience as well as bright-eyed ideas for what can be.

Dan Pontefract
Works for: Telus
Keywords: Learning, leadership, Vancouver, Canada
Dan writes fascinating articles, generally chock full of interesting references, about leadership and learning and how both relate to intranets.

Martha Brown
Works for: Duke Energy
Keywords: Intranet governance, Charlotte, North Carolina

Martha’s team won a Nielsen Intranet Design award recently and Martha is one of those all-around skilled intranet managers who seems to understand intranet challenges from top to bottom.

Luke Mepham
Works for: Aviva
Keywords: Intranetizen blog, UK

Luke brings a thoughtful and almost light-hearted perspective to his work and conversations, all while being a highly skilled intranet manager. Follow him on Twitter to see what we mean and read the blog post we wrote about him.

Ian Thorpe
Works for: United Nations Development Group
Keywords: International development

Ian comes at intranets from a very strong knowledge management (KM) background and carries great insights on the world of intranets in global nonprofit organizations.

Elizabeth Lupfer
Works for: Verizon
Keywords: Social workplace, blog

Elizabeth may be a super-human intranet superhero. She works an impressive job and runs highly useful website, blog and Twitter accounts. She’s garnered oodles of respect in the industry and shares a tremendous amount of useful information through her Twitter feed.

Jonathan Philips
Works for: Coca Cola Enterprises
Keywords: Intranetizen blog, Bristol, UK

Jonathan Philips is a great intranet thinker and writes about intranets fairly prolificly on the Intranetizen blog. He generally carries a quite balanced perspective.

Nigel Williams
Works for: Romec
Keywords: Field-based user research, Manchester, UK

Nigel is a no-nonsense intranet manager. He works for a very industrial company whose employees want the intranet to be simple and work well. That’s what Nigel delivers, with exceptional results. Read more in the blog post we wrote about him.

Christy (Season) Punch
Works for: SCANA Corp.
Keywords: Charleston, South Carolina, translator between business & IT

Christy is a brilliant “business translator.” She is the catalyst that combines business units’ needs and IT wonk to produce an intranet that works for everyone. Read more in the blog post we wrote about her.

John Tropea
Works for: Hatch
Keywords: Collaboration, intellectual exploration

John is almost an intranet philosopher or mystic. Keep up with his Tumblr “Snippets” to read fascinating quotes and ideas from around the web and world.

William Amurgis
Works for: AEP (American Electric Power)
Keywords: Social intranets, photography on the intranet

In a post we wrote about William we called him a “giant” and his small children agree. His very human approach to intranets and internal communications have helped him produce truly excellent results.

David Christopher
Works for: Oracle
Keywords: Social business, Berkshire, UK

David is a very enterprising intranet pro and founder of “Stop, Think Social.” Keep up with him… if you can.

Tanis Roadhouse
Ottowa, Canada
Keywords: Social intranets, business analyst

Tanis’ experience (and the blog post we wrote about her) demonstrate that she truly understands the “people” aspects of launching a new intranet. Her efforts to engage colleagues throughout the entire intranet implementation process stand as an example for all intranet managers.

Dinesh Tantri
Works for: ThougthWorks
Keywords: Bangalore, social intranet, gamification

Dinesh comes from a fascinating programming background (which we mention in the blog post we wrote about him) and has a very thoughtful perspective on how to fit intranet gamification with company culture.

Brendan Mullen
Works for: Continuum
Keywords: Social intranets, collaboration, Boston, Massachusetts

Brendan is the kind of IT manager you dream of – he speaks plain English and understands the strategic value of technology. He aims to help employees around the world collaborate more effectively, not just manage technology capital spend.

Andrew McNelis
Works for: PNC
Keywords: Social business, running, hoppy beer

Andy loves running and beer. That’s enough for us to like him, but I you might also like to know he’s a great guy and a social media and Enterprise 2.0 pro.

Mamie Peers
Works for: The Cosmopolitan Hotel
Keywords: Social intranets, viva Las Vegas

Mamie comes from an internal communications background and has done fabulous things in a very short time with the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s fairly young social intranet. Any intranet nerd visiting Las Vegas should Tweet her up.

Edward Ford
Works for: McGraw-Hill
Keywords: New York City, social intranets, community management

Edward is the kind of hip and emminently competent intranet pro who’ll be running the world soon enough. He expounds upon social intranet topics in a way that makes him a pleasure to listen to.

Kevin Jones
Works for: NASA
Keywords: Alabama, social business

Kevin has a knack for articulating the challenges of social intranets and does so especially well in short, entertaining vidoes on his website.

Calvin Symes
Works for: WestJet
Keywords: Intranet governance, Canada

Calvin has a background in journalism and legislative processes – no wonder he’s a sharp communicator and has brilliant thoughts on intranet governance.

Kate Hamilton
Works for: Myriad Group AG
Keywords: Marketing, communications, mobile, Liverpool

Kate is a pleasure to work and spend time with. Her charm is a deft combination of humor, kindness, x-ray level intelligence, and straight-shooting. She’s also got a very cool Twitter profile.

Peter Richards
Works for: Echo Entertainment Group
Keywords: Surfing, Sydney, Australia

Peter is the type of pragmatic intranet manager who always speaks from experience and says something useful. Follow him and just try to prove us wrong.

Emily Staresina
Works for: Stockland
Keywords: Usability, social media, Sydney, film

Read the blog post we wrote about her to learn how Emily has approached the social intranet in a thoughtful, metered way. Who says you can’t have a traditional intranet and social intranet all in one? Have your cake and eat it too, just like Emily.

And the list goes on…

We simply ran out of time to keep writing about intranet managers, so you’ll have to learn about the rest of these folks on your own, without our helpful and witty summaries.

Nadine McMahon
Works for: The Guild Group
Keywords: Coffee, Melbourne, Australia

Kelli Carlson-Jagersma
Works for: Wells Fargo Wholesale
Keywords: Collaboration, Minneapolis, Minnesota, founder of Twin Cities Intranet Forum

Richard Dennison
Works for: BT
Keywords: Intranet governance

Patrick Durando
Works for: McGraw-Hill
Keywords: Social intranets

Tyler Kerr
Works for: Scotts MiracleGro
Keywords: Social intranets

Sharon O’Dea
Works for: UK House of Parliament
Keywords: Intranetizen blog, London

Sean Winter
Works for: Capital One
Keywords: Social intranets

Trisha Liu
Works for: ArcSight
Keywords: Social intranets, cocktails

Ana Silva
Works for: Sonae Industria
Keywords: Portugal!

Lauren Rosencranz
Works for: Common Ground Environmental Consultants
Keywords: Runner, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Melissa Hendry
Works for: realestate.com.au
Keywords: Social intranets, Australia

Katrina Marques
Works for: Brightstar
Keywords: Intranets, Melbourne, Australia

Tammy Young Heck
Works for: Ernst & Young
Keywords: Professional MacGyver

Barbara Z. Haven
Works for: California Technology Agency
Keywords: California, government intranets

Dana Leeson
Works for: BSI
Keywords: Intranetizen blog, London

Martin Risgaard
Works for: Grundfos Management A/S
Keywords: Denmark, multilingual tweeting (English & Danish)

Ernst Decsey
Works for: UNICEF
Keywords: Digital workplace, international development, Geneva, Switzerland

That’s it! That’s our list.

Again, apologies to the many exemplary intranet managers we don’t yet know or forgot to put on our list. You all deserve some recognition and at least a few more legit Twitter followers.

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