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How Social Intranets Can Support Legal Knowledge Management

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the day in Toronto with legal knowledge management practitioners from across the Canadian public sector.

Intranet Personas & Archetypes — Free Webinar (Updated)

Do you know who uses your intranet?
Beyond the analytics you capture and crunch through on a monthly basis, what do you really know about your users?

Intranet Strategy: Understanding the Impacts of Networks, Power, and Politics

ThoughtFarmer VP Gordon Ross tackles the subject of power within social intranets through the social theory of communications scholar Manuel Castells.

IntraTeam 2013 Copenhagen – a Great Intranet Conference

Having helped organize and sponsor a conference for a couple of years, and having attended and spoken at a few myself, I think I can confidently say that IntraTeam 2013 in Copenhagen was one of the most well organized, informative, and delightful conferences I’ve ever been to.

IntraTeam 2013 – Gordon Ross to Speak at Intranet Conference in Copenhagen

Back at KM World in Washington DC in 2009, I had a great opportunity to meet with some of the world’s leading intranet thinkers and doers – one of them was Kurt Kragh Sorensen of IntraTeam in Denmark.

Social Intranets: HR’s Innovation Opportunity

Gordon Ross describes his social intranet speaking adventures at the 13th Annual ACRIP Bolivar International HR Symposium in Colombia

Social intranet user adoption: how to encourage usage in your organization

Understand the theoretical underpinnings of social intranet adoption and how they link to concrete adoption strategies.

E2Conf Santa Clara 2011 – What Urban Planning Can Teach Social Business Design

Gordon Ross recently presented at E2Conf Santa Clara 2011 with Thomas Vander Wal on What Urban Planning can Teach Social Business Design – he shares his thoughts on the experience.

SISV, E2Conf, SXSWi: under the hood of the social business speaking gig

Some insights into the organization it takes to put on a great conference, from a speaker and organizer perspective.

81 Intranet Governance Questions to Ask Yourself

A few questions to help you sort out your intranet’s governance and decision-making processes.